South Australian Anchorage Finder help

Find South Australian anchorages close to a position specified as a latitude and longitude in decimal degrees format. Acceptable formats are:

Anchorage Finder displays the three nearest anchorages (as the crow flies).
Alternatively, select an anchorage from the menu.
Click on the coordinates to view the anchorage location on Google Maps.
Click on the compass to set the position to the current anchorage and view nearby anchorages.
Click on the Arriba button to search for Arriba blog posts about the anchorage.
Click on the RSAYS burgee button for RSAYS info about the anchorage.
Optionally apply filters to further limit the choice of anchorages.

Works offline provided you've visited the app previously while online (except for Arriba and RSAYS articles).

For more information on anchorages of South Australia see my Cruising Guide to Sailing in South Australia or browse my photos of anchorages.
I also highly recommend James Cowell's Anchoring and Anchorages in South Australia.

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